Wild Fish Soup (Perard du Touquet)

Say “Perard Fish Soup”, and everyone in France will know what you're talking about (and probably feel their mouths water).

This 100% natural soup is low in fat and bursting with flavor. Enjoy with a piece of toasted French bread, or as the starter to a seafood dinner- with plenty of white wine of course! 23 ounce jar, serves 3.

Shake well before use. Heat without boiling. Pour into a plate. Add some garlic sauce and sprinkle on a few fried croutons.

Can be stored for 2 years in a temperate storing place. After opening, the jar can be preserved for 24 hours in a refrigerator.

Water, Fish: 40% (mandatory: cod, gurnard, ocean perch, pollock, pouting, whiting - can also be added: flounder, mullet, sea eel, weever), Maize, Startch, Tomato, Natural Flavors, Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Aromatic Plants, Saffron: 0.02%.

Item SKU: H10240

1 jar of 28oz (serves 3)