7 Customers Reveal What They Love About Our La Conviette Butter Rolls

The numbers don’t lie: our La Conviette Butter Rolls are a hit. So much of a hit, in fact, that many of our customers have reached out to us about how much they love ‘em. Curious as to what they had to say? Want to know why you should maybe give ‘em a try? Read on below.

“The La Conviette Butter Rolls are simply a must-have in my kitchen. I use them for everything, from creating lavish pastries to preparing dinner for my family on weekends. Creamy and tasty, we simply can’t live without them!”— Nicole S., New Jersey

“I absolutely LOVE the La Conviette Butter Rolls— especially the salted variety. So creamy and overall taste is just splendid. Once you have it, it’s impossible to go back to regular butter.” — Karen G., New York

“Beyond the amazing taste, the La Conviette Butter Rolls are delivered so efficiently and nicely packaged. We love to have it with a warm bagel on weekend mornings (and sometimes afternoons!)”— Bill D., Florida

“I’m not ashamed to say I’ve become seriously addicted to the La Conviette Butter Rolls. So convenient and oh so very tasty. There’s no greasy aftertaste like I get from other butter, which also makes it a winner.”— Dana V., Wisconsin 

“Shipping is always so fast and the packing is fabulous. The flavor is delicious, with just the right amount of salt. Perfect size, too. I use it to bake pastries, like croissants, but I also use it to cook up decadent dinners for family and friends. Never fails to hit the mark every time.”— Kristin C., Vermont

“Best. Butter. Ever. It’s seriously so high quality and reminds me of butter I’ve tried in Europe. I love using it for cooking and on bread. 10/10 would recommend!”— Danny T., Georgia

“Excellent quality and flavor. Good delivery and great taste. What’s not to love about the la Conviette Butter Rolls? My family prefers the salted rolls, but the unsalted ones are just as amazing. A trust testament to the quality of the product. Love it.” Talia B., New Mexico