Your Culinary Guide to Crème Anglaise

A classic vanilla custard sauce, Crème Anglaise is a mouth-watering mix of sugar, egg yolks, and hot milk that’s often used as a light pouring coulis. 

Here at Cuisinery, our Crème Anglaise is ready to use, straight from the pouch, and can elevate the simplest of desserts to culinary masterpieces. Made in France with high-quality French ingredients, our silky smooth Crème Anglaise is as authentic as it gets and is the closest thing to finding the classic French staple in the states.

As for what to combine our Crème Anglaise with, well… the gastronomical options are endless. 

The sweet custard is perfectly paired with our melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Lava Cake or our Apple Crumble Tartlet, and can additionally work fabulously when coupled with other cakes and pies. Rich in flavor and texture, our Crème Anglaise can also be generously drizzled over fresh fruit, or lightly sprinkled on your favorite pastries.

Cobblers and souffles also complement the divine vanilla flavors of our Crème Anglaise. Trust us: You won’t be able to get enough of the indulgent flavor of the sauce. It’s decadent. It’s indulgent. It’s, dare we say, 100% perfect?

Best of all: The decadent dessert cream can be served hot or cold, depending on your mood (and what sweet treat is on the table).