Ibérico Pork Spare Ribs

Known as costillas in Spanish, Ibérico Pork Ribs are spare ribs with a twist: the intensely juicy and succulent meat comes from the Ibérico breed of pork, celebrated for its marbled meat, creamy tones, and rich flavor. One word: Yum.
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1 slab (1.5 lb approx.)
Iberico Pork Spare Ribs: Our Iberico Pork spare ribs come from the unique Iberico pork Spanish breed. The purity and authenticity of our Iberico pork are ensured by our 5 stage selection process along with our commitments to quality, innovation, food safety, and traceability. Stage 1: Authenticity. Our Iberico pork is an authentic Iberico certified product according to Iberico Quality Norm (RD 1469/2007 dated 2nd November 2007). Stage 2: Genetic Progress. We select the best Iberico pork through our process of genetic progress. Our pork comes from 100% pure Iberico mother sows. Stage 3: The Best Feeding. Our animals are fed with natural cereal and legumes-based hay. We also make the ideal feed for our animals based on their special needs. Stage 4: Animal Welfare. Our animals are bred within a balanced environment that respects and allows for the natural growth and development of the species. They are also in open-air farms where animals can move and improve the process of infiltration of fat. Stage 5: Technology and Tradition. We believe in technology at the service of tradition. We take care and time to get a great product in a natural and artisan way, with a production process coming from Spanish traditions. Our production is based in Guijuelo, one of the most famous Iberico pork regions in Spain, known for its great grounds and facilities with the highest quality standards.

Please note that these instructions are indicative, baking time and baking temperature depend on the type of oven you have.

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