Ibérico Pork Spare Ribs

As succulent as they are tasty, Ibérico Pork Ribs are one of the finest cuts in the world: the intensely juicy and succulent meat comes from the Ibérico breed of pork, celebrated for its marbled meat, creamy tones, and rich flavor. One word: Yum.

  • Exceptionally tender and well-marbled style of pork.
  • Authentic Ibérico certified product according to Ibérico Quality Norm.
  • Pork raised in a small open-air farm and fed with natural cereal and legumes-based hay, following strict standards of humane animal husbandry.
  • These condition create the best, stress-free environment to ensure animal welfare, without requiring the use of antibiotics or hormones.
  • Production is based in Guijuelo, one of the most famous Ibérico pork regions in Spain with the highest quality standards.
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1 slab (1.5 lb approx.)
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Cooking Suggestions:
Thaw Ibérico pork 24-48 hours before cooking. Rub with your favorite seasoning and cook until ribs are golden.

Cooking Methods:
Grill, Oven Bake.


Please note that these instructions are indicative, baking time and baking temperature depend on the type of oven you have.

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Chef Jean Jacques Bernat
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Marinade with thyme and rosemary and cook it!