Espelette Chili Pepper PDO

Sprinkle just before serving on your favorite dishes. Espelette chili pepper will enhance both savory and sweet dishes, like omelets, salads, butter, bread and even dark chocolate desserts.
This Espelette Chili Pepper is the emblem of the Basque country.

Named after the delightful little village of Espelette, in the Basque mountains, Southwest of France, Espelette Chili Pepper has delicate aromas of tomato, hay, and pepper, and is slightly spicy. Originally brought back from South America by Christopher Columbus in the 16th century, it pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes, like omelets, salads, butter, bread and even dark chocolate.

Espelette Chili Pepper has a Protected Designation of Origin status, meaning that all farmers must comply with the specifications within the geographical area where the chili pepper can be produced, and must follow certain rules which guarantee the quality of the chili pepper. Only 10 farmers produce it in France.

Scoville Scale: 4/10 (warm).
Espelette Chili Pepper

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