Wild Fish Soup (Perard du Touquet)

Shake well before use. Heat without boiling. Pour into a plate. Add some garlic sauce and sprinkle on a few fried croutons.

Can be stored for 2 years in a temperate storing place. After opening, the jar can be preserved for 24 hours in a refrigerator.
Say “Perard Fish Soup”, and everyone in France will know what you're talking about (and probably feel their mouths water).

This Soup is delicious and bursting with flavor. Made with 100% Natural ingredients, this soup also has no preservatives, is colorant-free and low in fat.

A piece of crusty French bread is the perfect partner for this Wild Fish Soup!
Water, Fish: 40% (mandatory: cod, gurnard, ocean perch, pollock, pouting, whiting - can also be added: flounder, mullet, sea eel, weever), Maize, Startch, Tomato, Natural Flavors, Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Aromatic Plants, Saffron: 0.02%.

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1 jar of 28oz (serves 3)
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