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Red Kampot Pepper

1 jar of 1.76oz
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The fruity and floral notes of this pepper prompt scents of fruit compote releasing flavors of vanilla and candied citrus fruit.
Perfect for all your fish, shellfish and poultry dishes.

Kampot Pepper dates back to the Kingdom of Angkor. In 2009, Kampot became the first Cambodian pepper to obtain a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
Full Description
Full description
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Cooking Instruction
Grind in your pepper mill or crack with a pestle and mortar.

Please note that these instructions are indicative, baking time and baking temperature depend on the type of oven you have.
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Ingredients & Allergens
Red Kampot pepper.
Chef tips
Chef Jean Jacques Bernat
Our chef tips byChef Jean Jacques Bernat

Amazing with fish and seafood.