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6 French Crèpes with some raspberries set on marble, seen from above.
6 French Crêpes in their cardboard packaging, placed on marble, seen from above.
French Crepes 10.6"
1 box (6 crepes)
Empanada Dough stacked in a plastic package, with an Empanada Dough taken out, placed on marble, seen from above.
Empanada Dough
Empanada Dough
1 pack (10 units, 5.5" Diameter)
Assortment of 8 Mini Blinis arranged on marble, seen from above.
Assortments of 16 Mini Blinis in their cardboard packaging, placed on marble, front view.
Mini Blinis
1 box (16 blinis)
$5.59 $6.99
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3 sheets of brick laid on marble, seen from above.
Plastic bag of 10 brick sheets placed on marble, seen from above.
Feuille de Brick
1 pack of 10 units
Assortments of 12 Organic Fillo Shells, arranged on marble, front view.
Assortment of 9 Organic Fillo Shells cooked with vegetables and bacon, arranged on marble, seen from the front.
Organic Fillo Shells
1 box (12 shells)
$4.15 $5.19
French Quenelle Buns arranged in a round plate, seen from above.
French Quenelle Buns
French Quenelle Buns
12 x 2.8oz

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After 25 years in the restaurant business, we had the idea to bring our chef-created specialty meals to the home dining room. Today, we supply high-end cuisine to home cooks and caterers alike.

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As international fare becomes more popular in America, we’re happy to serve as a primary US source for European delicacies like brown crab and beloved traditional dishes like Cassoulet.

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Our selection of French gourmet Dough selections offers premade Dough right to your doorstep. Our high quality prepared frozen Dough products include Tarte Flambee Crust, Rolled Butter Puff Pastry, Mini Blinis, Organic Fillo Shells, and more. All of our frozen Dough products are offered at wholesale prices, making bulk grocery shopping easy, affordable, and fun. Best of all, our gourmet French Dough products are delivered straight to your door, at no extra cost. Shop our French premade Dough selections online today!