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Assortment of Mini Vol Au Vent deposited on a slate, side view.
Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Baskets baked and placed on marble, front view.
12 Escargot Croquilles in an aluminium dish, seen from above.
12 Escargot Croquilles
1 Tray of 12 Snails
A Salmon Puff Pastry Baskets front view with other Salmon Puff Pastry Baskets in the background, front view.
12 Stuffed Mussels in a round plate, seen from above.
12 Stuffed Mussels
1 Tray of 12 Mussels
Smoked Duck Breast with 3 slices and some black peppercorns, front view.
Smoked Duck Breast
1 Unit / 11 oz
A wooden board with two pieces of bread, two pickles and sliced French Pork Salami With Herb, seen from above.
French Pork Salami with Herbs
1 Unit 10-12oz.
A wooden board with two pieces of bread, two pickles and sliced French Pork Salami With Black Pepper, seen from above.
A wooden board with three pickles and sliced French Pork Salami with some black peppercorns next to it, seen from the front.
French Pork Salami
1 Unit 10-12oz.
Piece of Filet Mignon placed on marble, with some seasoning of chives, seen from the front.
Filet Mignon
1 Unit 8oz
USDA Prime Skirt Steak placed on a tray, seen from the front.
Two pieces of USDA Prime Beef Short Rib, top view.
USDA Prime Beef Short Rib
2 ribs / 16oz
Ribeye Steak placed on marble, with some thyme on top, left a jar containing chives seasoning and right a jar with olive oil. Top View.
Piece of USDA Prime New York Steak Strip, front view.
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