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Assortment of 12 Escargots in Parsley-Garlic Butter, 6 of them on a round plate, the rest on a marble table, with some basil leaves, seen from above.
Escargots in Parsley-Garlic Butter
12 pieces (4.4oz each)
Pate de Campagne (Pork Pate Country Style) sliced and arranged in a round plate, seen from above.
Rillettes du Mans in a plastic tray placed in a round plate, side view.
Rillette du Mans
1unit (5oz)
Country Pate en Croute arranged in a round plate, seen from above.
Country Pâté en Croute
1 unit (8 oz)
Garlic Sausage sliced and arranged on marble with some garlic, seen from above.
French Garlic Sausage
1 unit (16 oz)
3 Cod Croquettes posed with some basil leaves, front view.
Cod Croquettes
1 bag (approx. 26 units)
Assortment of 8 Mini Blinis arranged on marble, seen from above.
Mini Blinis
1 box (16 blinis)
Assortment of 9 Mediterranean-Style Fillo Quiches, arranged on marble, front view.
Assortment of Goat Cheese and Fig Fillo Rolls arranged on marble, seen from front.
Assorted Frozen Potato Croquettes, laid on marble, front view.
Potato Croquettes
1 bag (2 lb)
Assortment of Mini Vol Au Vent deposited on a slate, side view.
Grilled Vegetables Provencale (Ratatouille) in a round plate, placed on marble, top view.
Potato Anna sliced, front view.
Potato Anna
5 units (0.85 lb)
Mozzarella-Stuffed Corn Arepas, front view.
Mozzarella-Stuffed Corn Arepas
1 bag (6 units)
Assortments of Spinach and Pine Nuts Croquettes placed on marble, seen from above.
Spinach and Pine Nuts Croquettes
1 box (approx. 26 units)
Artichoke Bottoms on marble, seen from above.
Artichoke Bottoms
1 bag (2.2lb)
Hasselback Potatoes cooked and sliced, arranged on marble with thyme, seen from above.
Hasselback Potatoes
7 Potatoes (5.3 oz each)
Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Baskets baked and placed on marble, front view.
Assorted Parisian Carrots arranged on marble, seen from above.
Parisian carrots 2lb
1 bag (2 lb)
Mushroom Mix arranged on marble, seen from above.
Mushroom Mix
1 bag (2.2 lb)
12 Escargot Croquilles in an aluminium dish, seen from above.
12 Escargot Croquilles
1 Tray of 12 Snails
A Salmon Puff Pastry Baskets front view with other Salmon Puff Pastry Baskets in the background, front view.
Assortments of 8 Brie & Pear Fillo Rolls arranged on marble, front view.
Assorted Mixed Grilled Vegetables arranged on marble, seen from above.
Mixed Grilled Vegetables
1 bag (2.2 lb)
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Our French gourmet Sides & Appetizers elevate a simple home meal to a restaurant quality production. As healthy as they are versatile, our selection of French gourmet Red, Organic, Red and White, and Golden Quinoa are an excellent addition to any meal, or perfect on their own. Another grain we love: None other than our Our Black Rice and Jasmine White Rice, both of which are high quality staples for a balanced home meal. Don’t call them french fries: our high quality frozen Potato Croquettes are a European staple that contain Bintje potatoes and are prepared to be the perfect side dish (and a more memorable one than french fries at that). What’s more, we even have them in different variations: Spinach and Pine Nuts Croquettes and Cod Croquettes. Our Ravioli du Royan with Comté Cheese is a extravagant and high quality French gourmet staple that makes for the ultimate appetizer (unless you're tempted to make this the main course, we wouldn’t blame you). Best of all, it can be prepared numerous ways depending on your choice of sauces, spices, and flavorful meat additions. All of our gourmet Sides & Appetizers are offered at wholesale prices, making bulk grocery shopping easy, affordable, and fun. Best of all, our high quality French Sides & Appetizers are delivered frozen straight to your door, at no extra cost. Shop our gourmet Sides & Appetizers online today!