Refund Policy


The following are NOT covered under our refund policy:

  • Orders placed before/after a sale or price change. (No price matching or price adjustments)
  • Orders that have been redirected by the customer through the delivery service. This may cause delays and lead to defrosting.
  • Orders sent to invalid addresses due to customer error.
  • Orders that are marked as “delivered” within 48 hours of being shipped but defrost because of recipient not being available to accept the package in a timely manner.
  • Orders that have been placed expecting an earlier/later delivery time. (If we do not ship out your order within 1 week, please contact us.)
  • Deliveries that have been impeded due to factors surrounding the address such as gate codes, animals, etc.
  • Frozen and nonfrozen orders that have arrived at different times. This is regular procedure as they will often be shipped in two separate packages.
  • Nonfrozen orders that have been affected by outdoor temperatures (For frozen orders that arrive defrosted, please take pictures of package and all affected goods and email us).


Refunds may be distributed in the case of damaged product, delayed delivery due to delivery service error, incorrect product, and more. Resolution of reported issues may include replacement of the product, credit towards your next order, or a partial/full refund. In the case of damaged packaging or product, please ensure you take pictures of all sides of all boxes.

Regarding non-frozen shipments, please note that we are not liable for damages relating to temperature control. We ask that you please make accommodations to accept all packages immediately upon delivery to minimize risk of non-frozen product being negatively affected by extremely hot or cold outdoor temperatures. If your nonfrozen product arrives damaged due to transit, please email us pictures of damaged product and we will assist.

PLEASE NOTE: Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or modified for any reason. Please review your products, shipping address, and payment option before submitting. We will ONLY cancel an unfulfilled order if it is delayed by more than 7 business days. 

Please direct all refunds or quality concerns to our email at We DO NOT handle refunds or quality concerns over the phone.