Vegetables and Salad Seasoning Trio

These spices are ideal for meat marinades, salad dressings, vegetable skewers, dips sauce.


Gomasio is a mix of roasted spices and fleur de sel widely used in Japanese cuisine.

Sprinkle over your raw vegetables, salads, crunchy vegetables or wok-fried dishes !

Creole Mix
A mix full of the spicy flavors from the Réunion Island! This creole mix contains garlic, pink berries, combava and ginger. It has a gentle attack with overriding peppery yet supple sensations. It releases sweet aromas and notes of anise. Its fresh and acidic flavors will enchant and enliven squash soup, marinades for skate and sea bream, steamed potatoes or a dish of aubergine with feta.

Use in all your creole dishes: sausage rougail, buccaneer chicken, poultry dodine, duck with mango, roast quails, shrimp skewers, grilled clams…

Pimentón de la Vera PDO

Pimentón is a mild chilli pepper from South America which Christopher Colombus brought back to Queen Isabella of Castile. Ever since the 14th century, Pimenton is grown in Spain in the Vera region, at the heart of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range. This region has an exceptional temperate and humid microclimate. This Pimentón de la Vera has been granted Protected Designation of Origin, which is a guarantee of excellent quality.

Pimentón de la Vera, such a traditionally made delight, comes from the Capsicum annuum bush which is around a meter high. The fruits are carefully hung up to dry, then smoked using green oak wood for two weeks. There are only 12 producers of Pimenton de la Vera who have this specific know-how.

Its taste of chorizo and its dark red color are typically Spanish and brighten up all traditional Spanish dishes from paëlla to tortilla.
Completely natural, without flavor enhancers, our Salad and Vegetables Box Set is perfect for sprinkling over your raw vegetables, salads, crunchy greens, or wok-fried dishes, as well as tortillas, marinades, and cooked meats or poultry.

This box set includes the 3 essential and classic products from Terre Exotique:

  • Pimenton de la Vera (Green Oak-Smoked Paprika, with Delicious Aromas of Chorizo)
  • Creole Mix (a Mix of Garlic, Pink Berries, Combava, and Ginger)
  • Gomasio (a Mix of Roasted Spices and Fleur de Sel)
golden sesame, fleur de sel, black sesame, sesame with umeboshi plum (sesame, sugar, rakanka extract, citric acid, extract of dried skipjack condiment, coloring, natural aroma, umeboshi plum, amino acid). Allergen: Sesame, Skipjack.

Creole Mix
Pink berries, garlic, thyme, ginger, combava zest. Allergen free.

Pimentón de la Vera
Paprika, Sunflower oil (1%). Allergen free.

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1 box of 3 spices