Andre Laurent Lentils Cooked in Goose Fat in Glass Jar

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Indulge in ready-to-eat lentils expertly cooked in luxurious goose fat and Champagne?Xan absolutely divine culinary experience!

"Vegetable broth ( water, onions, salt, carrots, pepper, thyme, rosemary, sage, clove), Lentils from Champagne, goose fat 1%. The discoloration that may appear at the top of the jar of lentils is entirely natural. If the lid of the jar is concave and if the lid pops upon opening, the lentils are perfectly safe for consumption. The change in color of the lentils at the top of the jar is due to the fact that they do not bathe in the same cooking liquid as the lentils below. The jar cannot be filled to the top with cooking liquid because a empty space must be preserved. Otherwise the jars would explode in the sterilization process and the lentils would be overcooked. All lentils in jars have the same appearance. Other manufacturers mask the problem by placing a fabric cover over the lid to hide the lentils below. Andre Laurent chooses not to do so because the consumer will see the change in color as soon as the jar is opened. Andre Laurent ha run tests to see what would happen if the jars were sterilized upside down, but unfortunately, the discoloration simply manifests at the bottom of the jar."