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Trusted by Chefs

After 25 years in the restaurant business, we had the idea to bring our chef-created specialty meals to the home dining room. Today, we supply high-end cuisine to home cooks and caterers alike.

One-Stop World Market

As international fare becomes more popular in America, we’re happy to serve as a primary US source for European delicacies like brown crab and beloved traditional dishes like Cassoulet.

Hosting Made Easy

With minimal prep work, you can focus on entertaining your guests. Our exclusive appetizers and bistro-style Ready Meals are frozen at the peak of freshness to preserve flavor and nutrients. Plus, the presentation is always gorgeous.

Fast Delivery

Your order ships automatically from the nearest of our four brick-and-mortar locations, minimizing transportation time so you can enjoy delicious, authentic food as soon as possible.
Cuisinery is the go-to online food delivery for quality frozen meals and ingredients, at wholesale prices. Constantly evolving, our selection of frozen premade foods always consist of healthy and delicious bites. These are easy foods to cook that can be popped in the microwave or oven and be ready in 30 minutes or less— no prep necessary. From savory Appetizers to gourmet Meat selections, to French desserts and hearty soups, our selection of New items are as titillating as they are convenient. Shop Cuisinery today for exclusively chef-crafted frozen meals!