U4 Extra Large Wild Langoustine (Norway Lobster)

Also known as the "Norway lobster," our Wild Day Boat Langoustines (Nephrops Norvegicus) are recognized by foodies worldwide for their sweet, lobster-like flesh.
Caught in the pristine waters of Scotland, our langoustine's meat is subtle in flavor and delicate in texture - perfect for a family lunch or gourmet dinner.

Langoustines live in sandy beaches and in river basins, from shallow waters up to 100 meters in depth. They are found in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean coasts and are paired well with lemon and fresh herbs.

Ingredients: IQF Wild Nephrops Norvegicus, E586 4-Hexylresorcinol Allergens: Crustaceous

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Pack of 1 / 3.3 lbs