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Empanada Dough stacked in a plastic package, with an Empanada Dough taken out, placed on marble, seen from above.
Empanada Dough
1 pack (10 units)
Ibérico Pork Secreto arranged on marble with chives, seen from above.
Ibérico Pork Secreto
1 piece (1 lb avg)
Mozzarella-Stuffed Corn Arepas, front view.
Mozzarella-Stuffed Corn Arepas
1 bag (6 units)
Assortment of 8 Ez-Peel Shrimp arranged on marble with some leaves of chives, seen from above.
"Easy Peel" Argentinian Wild Red Shrimp
1 bag of 1.1 lb (11/15 units)
Assortment of four Chorizo Spanish Style Sausage arranged on marble, seen from above.
Chorizo Spanish Sausage
4 pieces (3.8 oz each)
6 Cooked Small Octopus Tentacles arranged on marble, seen from above.
Cooked Small Octopus Tentacles
1 pack of 13.25 oz
Large Spanish Octopus placed on a table, seen from above.
Large Spanish Octopus
1 whole octopus of 2.9 lb
Assortment of Yuca Steak-Cut set on marble, seen from above.
Yuca Steak-Cut
1 bag (2.2 lb)
Assortment of 3 Sweet Plantain, front view.
Sweet Plantain
1 bag (6 lb)
Assortment of 3 Crispy Pre-Fried Tostones, front view.
Crispy Pre-Fried Tostones
1 bag (3 lb)
3 Red Shrimp from Argentina XL, front view.
Sold Out
Assortment of Jasmine Rice, front view.
Jasmine Rice
1 bag (2 lb)
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Assortment of 3 Raw Yuca, front view.
Raw Yuca
1 bag (5 lb)
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Looking to add a little Latin & Carribean Cuisine into your repertoire? Look no further than our flavorful selections here at Cuisinery. With Caribbean mainstays like Sweet Plantain, Jasmine Rice, Crispy Pre-Fried Tostones, Yuca, and Red Shrimp, we’ve got something for everyone. Pair our Jasmine Rice with some Red Shrimp and Yuca for a dish that’s sure to satisfy, or heat up some Sweet Plantain to snack on as you work from home or binge-watch Netflix. If you’re looking for classic staples from Spain and Portugal, turn to our Iberico Pork Secreto or Spanish Octopus. Whether served as the main meat at a dinner party or as a side option, both are flavorsome additions to any meal that will leave your stomach rumbling for more. Other tasty Latin-inspired selections include: our buttery-yet-crispy Mozzarella-Stuffed Corn Arepas; our Cooked Octopus Tentacles; and our Raw Yuca, to name a few. All of our gourmet Latin & Carribean Cuisine selections are offered at wholesale prices, making bulk grocery shopping for premade food easy, affordable, and fun. Best of all, our high quality Latin & Carribean food items are delivered frozen straight to your doorstep, at no extra cost. An amazing blend of tropical tastes and multicultural influences, stock up on authentic Latin & Caribbean Cuisine today!