French Quenelle Buns

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Item SKU: H54229

12 x 2.8oz

Authentic French Quenelle Buns made with a delicate blend of ingredients. A more delicate alternative to baguettes, these buns are light and fluffy with a crisp exterior, well suited for sandwiches and dips. For a traditional quenelle dish, cook the buns in a Béchamel sauce and serve with a fish of your choice!

Cooking Instructions: Heat the oven for 5 minutes to 210°C/410°F. Arrange the products in a dish and cover generously with sauce (Bechamel, Nantua, tomato). Cook for 35 minutes. Ensure product is thoroughly cooked and serve immediately.

Ingredients: Eggs 35%, water, durum wheat flour 20%, butter 15%, semi skimmed milk, salt.

Allergens: Contains gluten, milk, and eggs.