Red Kampot Pepper

Grind in your pepper mill or crack with a pestle and mortar.
Completely natural, without flavor enhancers, the fruity and floral notes of Terre Exotique's Red Kampot Pepper release an irresistable blend of vanilla and citrus flavors. Ideal for your fish, shellfish, and poultry dishes.

Did you know:

Kampot Pepper dates back to the Kingdom of Angkor. Written records can be traced back to the travelogue of 13th century explorer Tcheou Ta Kouanau. It is thought that the Chinese immigrants from the Hainan region brought the pepper to Kampot, Cambodia.

In 2009, Kampot became the first Cambodian pepper to obtain a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
Red Kampot pepper.

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1 jar of 1.76oz