Red Wine and Shallot Sauce

This sauce is ready to use. Perfect for beef, game and eggs.

Microwave: Place the opened pouch in a glass container or bowl, place in microwave oven, and heat for 10 seconds, medium power 600 watts. Remove carefully from the oven, product will be hot, and serve.

Bain-marie: Place the pouch in a pan of simmering water for 5 minutes. Remove from water carefully and serve.
The red wine and shallot sauce by Maison Potier is an authentic French thick sauce that can be used for many things, and has mostly strong, heady flavors. This full-flavored meal enhancer has a beautiful dark color and a smooth, creamy texture. It also has a well-rounded flavor profile.

The red wine and shallot sauce by Maison Potier is a great way to marinate your favorite pork and lamb chops. Also, this strong and complex condiment goes well with meaty Wagyu rib-eye steak like no other.
Ingredients: Red wine 52% (sulphites), water, butter, shallot 6.5%, thickener: modified starches, sunflower oil, honey, salt, beef stock, thyme, ground white pepper, thickener: xanthan gum, cracked black pepper.

Allergens: Contains Milk

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1 jar of 6.35oz