Wild Goose Barnacles

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1 Box / 1.1 lbs

Goose Barnacles are a crustacean typical of the northern coasts of the Galician coastline. They favor areas where rough storm water collides with the rocks they attach to, meaning the sea they live in is naturally extremely clean. They are characterized by their unique shape and pointed appendage. Eating them means fully enjoying the flavor of the sea, as the strong and iodized flavor provides an inescapable culinary experience for all seafood lovers.

A gem of Spanish cuisine, Goose Barnacles are one of the most sought-after seafood in fish markets, and are especially popular during Christmas season! They are a common favorite among seafood enthusiasts around the world.

Goose barnacles are a good source of iodine, selenium, iron, and vitamin B12.

How to cook:

Being considered a luxury ingredient, Goose Barnacles are cooked simply by being boiled in seawater in order to preserve all of its original qualities.

If you do not have seawater on hand, you can recreate it by adding 70 grams of sea salt per liter of mineral water (avoid using tap water so the barnacles do not get any taste of chlorine). Another way to recreate seawater is by cooking mineral water with salt, together with some barnacles and seaweed, for around 20 minutes. Once the water has been properly infused, discard the used barnacles and seaweed and begin boiling.

Cook the barnacles until their base turns to a deep pink (no longer than 4 minutes). Once complete, drain barnacles and cover with ice until they cool. Serve with anything ranging from lemon wedges to a bowl of aioli. 


Ingredients: Frozen Percebes (Pollicipes Pollicipes) Allergens: Crustacea