We bring together culinary and botanical traditions ... discovering
the gastronomic treasures of the world. We seek out peppers,
berries, seeds ans other wild pods.

Terre Exotique


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Wooden spoon containing Steakhouse Spice Blend, seen from above.
Steakhouse Spice Blend
1 jar of 1.76oz
Wooden spoon containing Espelette Chili Pepper PDO spices, seen from above.
Espelette Chili Pepper PDO
1 jar of 1.41oz
Wooden spoon containing 3 Peppers Blend, seen from above.
3 Peppers Blend
1 jar of 2.65oz
Wooden spoon containing Fleur de sel with Roasted Spices, seen from above.
Wooden spoon containing White Penja Pepper, seen from above.
White Penja Pepper
1 jar of 2.82oz
Wooden spoon containing Vicking Salt, seen from above.
Viking Salt
1 jar 2.82 oz
Wooden spoon containing Vegetable Spice Blend, seen from above.
Vegetable Spice Blend
1 jar of 1.41oz
Dehydrated Shallot mixture arranged in a small pot, seen from above.
Dehydrated Shallot
1 Jar of 1.4oz
Wooden spoon containing Fishmonger Spice Blend, seen from above.
Fishmonger Spice Blend
1 jar of 1.41oz
Wooden spoon containing Ground Ceylon Cinnamon spices, seen from above.
Ground Ceylon Cinnamon
1 jar of 2.12oz
Wooden spoon containing Black Penja Pepper, seen from above.
Black Penja Pepper
1 jar of 2.82oz
Seasoning box for Marinade of the brand Terre Exotique containing 3 metal pots of different marinades, front view.
Marinade Seasoning Trio
1 box of 3 spices
Our Terre Exotique, has been modelled over the years to become a worldwide delicatessen. After every journey, thanks to the encounters we make, we return richer with new spices for you to discover.

Whether you are a connoisseur or a professional chef, a novice or an expert, grab the oils, spices, salts and other condiments from your cupboard... crack or grind them, add a spinkle fleur de sel with grilled spices over your dishes, grate a Tonka bean or infuse some saffron threads to enhance your daily recipes. Celebrate the wondrous gastronomic diversity of our planet, conjure the poetic flavours of the world to your very own kitchen and let your taste buds be transported far afield...

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Beef stew in red wine sauce is one of our chef's favorite ready meals

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