Wholesale Solutions for Your Professional Restaurant Business

Every restaurant has unique needs, which is why our line for restaurant distribution provides options for every entry level point

From Scratch

Recipes your way, with premium quality ingredients

Prepped and Ready

Dough, buns, and artichoke bottoms. We’ve got the base, so you can focus on the filling

The Whole Package

Diversify your menu with fully prepared European entrées, ready to heat and enjoy

Fit for the Table

Save Time & Money With Bulk Ordering Through Cuisinery Pro

Dark Kitchens

Hotel Room Service

Specialty Supply

Sides and Dessert Menus

& More!

Specialty seafood, European imports, Ibérico pork, & more
Colorful sides and desserts with long shelf lives
Premium pre-cut vegetables for recipes
Gourmet meals, fully prepared and ready in minutes

Dessert, Please!

Color your dessert menu with these 30+ unique, decadent and tasty treats, flash-frozen and shelf-stable so that no food goes to waste

Delivered Direct

Cuisinery has brick-and-mortar locations across the United States. Your order will automatically ship from a storefront near you, arriving within days.

Trusted by Chefs

25 years of experience distributing to restaurants

One-Stop World Market

A primary source for European and Latin American delicacies.

Serving Made Easy

Minimal prep work required, so you can focus on the job at hand

Got something else in mind?

We also provide selections for:


Commercial Catering • Weddings & Engagements • Business Events

Small Venues

Take-out Menus • Display Cases • Bakery & Coffee Shop