Fit for the Table

Authentic recipe

IQF-frozen to
preserve freshness

Chef-created and approved

Keeps in freezer for up to a year

and easy-to-serve

Serves 20

Save Time & Money With Bulk Ordering Through Cuisinery Pro

Event Catering

Commercial Catering

Take-Out Catering

Institutional Catering

& More!

Menus for All Occasions

Whether you work as a private chef, weddings and event planner, or you’re simply looking for an alternative to the classic Italian-style buffet, you’re sure to find inspiration within Cuisinery Pro’s range of high-end catering dishes.
Fine French Entrées

Fine French Entrées

Ideal for home events, baptisms, & office lunches
Attractive Table Settings

Attractive Table Settings

Ideal for weddings, company parties, & graduations
Breakfast Buffets

Breakfast Buffets

Ideal for bridal showers, seminars, bed & breakfasts

Cut Down on Prep Work!

Our line of specialty European-imported veggies is flash-frozen to preservecolor, flavor, and freshness. We’re your sous chef’s best friend.
Crisp and Flavorful
Delicate and Versatile
For Culinary Delights

Delivered Direct

Cuisinery has brick-and-mortar locations across the United States. Your order will automatically ship from a storefront near you, arriving within days.

Trusted by Chefs

25 years of experience distributing to restaurants

One-Stop World Market

A primary source for European and Latin American delicacies.

Serving Made Easy

Minimal prep work required, so you can focus on the job at hand

Got something else in mind?

We also provide selections for:

Small Venues

Take-out Menus • Display Cases • Bakery & Coffee Shop


Dark Kitchens • Table Service • Hotel Room Service